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Ayako Suyama

The whole course has been a journey to ask many questions to myself.

Hi, my name is Ayako. I am from Japan and studying Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Griffith University. Before starting the course, I have worked for over 11 years in a sales & marketing role for a multi-national company. I always wanted to return to study to receive official credit for my experience and to also take my career to the next level as my bachelor's degree did not relate to my professional experience. Last year I decided it was time and I gave up my job and enrolled in the course full-time.

Looking back now, I find that a bachelor's degree was what I was good at and enjoy the most, and Postgraduate degree is for what I need. The reason I chose to study an MBA was primarily to gain an official qualification that would boost my career. Even though I was under pressure most of the time from the amount of study, I feel my decision was right and I am very positive about my future. Herewith are some of the good reasons.

First of all, what I have learnt so far is not just theory, but practising it until establishing my own ethical principles. There are plenty of difficult situations with ethical dilemmas in the real business world; however, now I feel more confident that I have solid ground that I can always fall back on in the future.

Secondly, the course provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my professional career. The whole course has been a journey to ask many questions to myself; why do I work? What do I want to work for? And, why did I resign from the job that I used to be proud of and helped me develop as a professional? When I decided to leave my previous role, I was feeling stagnated, but through the course, the answers to those questions opened up to me and I now feel like I am really moving forward and creating a new career.

Lastly, the study gave me an inspiring learning experience. All of my peers in the course are experienced and knowledgeable people, it is a very good environment to learn not just from the professors but also from fellow students. Also, it is very inspiring for me to see working mums and dads in the classes which I would rarely expect to find in the country where I am from.

Moving forward, I believe an MBA degree would expand my future opportunities and I am ready to take on more challenging work. Australia was my first country abroad at the age of 15, so when I came back to this country for work 15 years later, I felt it was fate and that there must be meaning in that. A new journey is about to start soon, a journey to find that meaning and my desire is to contribute with my education to the benefit of both countries that raised me – Australia and Japan.

- Ayako Suyama, finalist for 2019 PostgradAustralia Scholarship #PGAScholarship