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Master of Predictive Analytics

  • Masters (Coursework)

Improve your technical and business skills, specialising in resource operations engineering, finance and investment analytics, or asset management and productivity.

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Degree Type
Masters (Coursework)
2 years full-time
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In person

About this course

Predictive analytics is the study of data to predict and subsequently optimise management decisions.

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What you will learn

  • use research to apply an understanding of the theoretical background basis of data analytics and to allow the data processing of unstructured data, including all aspects of cluster analysis to produce a qualified interpretation of the data
  • analyse an unstructured data set or problem in a logical, rational and critical way; identify alternative methods of solving the issue and select the optimum solution that provides the best outcomes for both industry and the community
  • obtain, evaluate and apply relevant processing algorithms to unstructured data from a range of sources to solve or predict an operational problem prior to or during an occurrence
  • communicate effectively with a wide range of people from different discipline areas, professional positions and countries; communicate data analysis findings in a variety of ways via written, verbal or electronic communications
  • evaluate and utilise appropriate technology for the implementation of data analysis and prediction developments and the continual operational improvement of data generating systems throughout their lifecycle
  • appreciate the need for, and develop, a lifelong learning skills strategy in relation to enhanced personal and company performance
  • recognise the global nature of the predictive analytics industry and apply global standard practices and skills for acceptable prediction outcomes regardless of discipline or geographical location
  • practise appropriate industry data collection methodologies; work and apply discipline knowledge within the given social or industrial framework; with consideration of and respect for cultural diversity, indigenous perspectives and individual human rights
  • apply lessons learnt in a professional manner in all areas of prediction design, demonstrating leadership and ethical behaviour at all times

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