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Master of Nurse Practitioner

  • Masters (Coursework)

Learn the capabilities required to undertake the complex and challenging role of the nurse practitioner.

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Degree Type
Masters (Coursework)
3 years full-time
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In person, Online

About this course

This course provides the opportunity to cultivate capabilities relevant to the complex and challenging role of the Nurse Practitioner. You will explore theoretical and clinical practice components of the roles of nurse practitioners and study advanced practice across a range of clinical applications. Your studies will focus particularly on professional accountability, competency to practise, evidence-based practice, critical thinking, diagnostic reasoning, clinical decision making and the quality use of medicines.

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What you will learn

  • apply advanced knowledge within a framework of nurse practitioner practice with commitment to evidence based practice; demonstrate a high level of clinical proficiency in complex situations
  • apply critical thinking, clinical reasoning and refection to clinical diagnostic decision making and develop innovative solutions to practice in the healthcare setting
  • critically appraise scientific literature, integrate research findings into nurse practitioner practice and undertake research to advance practice
  • communicate effectively and establish relationships with individuals, families and interprofessional teams for collaborative practice
  • make complex informed decisions on use of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions by utilising current technology to inform practice; proactively seek new information and technologies
  • recognise the values intrinsic to nurse practitioner practice; demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through critical refection to enhance the professional development of others
  • critique international health priorities to influence healthcare through active participation and implementation at a local level
  • articulate and demonstrate respect for individuals' rights to determine their own journey through episodes of healthcare
  • demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of major health priorities, current legislation and registration requirements as a nurse practitioner; work in an autonomous and collaborative practice framework; demonstrate advanced clinical leadership and management skills