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Crawford School of Public Policy

Demystifying statistics for policymakers

Dr Nicholas Biddle discusses his upcoming short course that will help you learn more about the statistics you use, and give you the skills and confidence to use them.

"The most important skill is to be able to critically engage with the current statistical environment. That's why we call it demystifies statistics. It's to be able to make informed decisions, inform critiques about what's going on in terms of the economy, social policy, environmental policy, all the range/kind of policy, domains, which use and which rely on data so it's been able to give people confidence to be able to say, ' hold on a second, is this data really saying what people say?' or 'I have a policy question. Where could I get some support for my intuition?' or 'how would I be able to challenge my preconceived notions about what's going on in Australia?'

So it's about giving people confidence and letting people know where to look. " 

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