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Communicating for Environment and Climate Policy Course Preview

  • Graduate Certificate

The Course Preview consists of a number of mini projects resembling real study scenarios, designed to test and give insights on the student experience.

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About this course

What is this?

Welcome to ANU Crawford School’s Communicating for Environment and Climate Policy Course Preview.

Environment and climate policy focus on issues arising from human impact on the natural environment and climate. This course will examine how public policy is developed and the role played by different forms of communication in the policy processes, with a particular focus on contentious environmental issues and climate change.

In this course preview, Dr Bec Colvin will be leading you through study of communication in environment and climate policy, to explore with you what constitutes effective communication for environment and climate policy. The teaser is a rare opportunity for you to see what lies beneath the surface of the complexity and multidimensionality of communication in environment and climate policy.


Why should you do this?

This Virtual Experience Program is self-paced and should take only 2 to 4 hours to complete.

This Virtual Experience Program is free for all students.

Earn certificate
When you complete the Virtual Experience Program, you’ll earn a digital badge and certificate you can share on Linkedin and include on your resume.

Real work experience
Throughout the program, you’ll learn and develop deep insights into what it is actually like to study at ANU Crawford School of Public PolicyOn top of that, you gain real skills, invaluable experience and the confidence you need to be successful in your course.


What skills will I gain?

 tick mark Explain the social and institutional factors that shape environment and climate policy debates

 tick mark Critically assess the communicative processes that affect environment and climate policy design and outcomes

 tick mark Debate ethical and practical dimensions of environment and climate policy communication

 tick mark Demonstrate competency in proposing evidence-informed strategies for environment and climate policy communication


What you will do?

Module 1: The purpose of Communication in Environment and Climate Policy (1 - 2 hours)

Watch the video for an insight into how 'Policy is communication in Practice' and how important it is to understand the different types of communication and appreciate how different perspectives add complexity to the process of Policy making.

Module 2: Challenges designing communication strategies for environmental policy. (45 minutes - 1.5 hours)

Understanding public opinion is pivotal to shaping effective communication strategies to best get environmental policies on the political agenda. Listen to Bec below as she gives insight around these challenges.

Module 3: Environmental Policy Expert: Professor Steve Cork Interview (30 minutes - 1 hour)


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