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Master of High Performance Sport

  • Masters (Coursework)

The high performance sport industry is a global, multi-billion dollar entity that provides employment opportunities for a vast range of professions.

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Degree Type
Masters (Coursework)
1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time
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$18,736 per year / $28,104 total

About this course

The high performance sport industry is a global, multi-billion dollar entity that provides employment opportunities for a vast range of professions. In Australia, there are employment opportunities in professional and semi-professional sport, Australian and state institutes of sport and academies of sport, and other sporting organisations, and these opportunities extend to the international market. At the heart of high performance sport is the conditioning of the athlete, with the aim of optimising individual and team performance for successful outcomes. A professional working in this industry needs to know about testing protocols to assess athlete performance, principles of strength and conditioning, and the technologies available for monitoring and training the high performance athlete. They will need to understand the relationships between fatigue, adaptation, performance and injury, how to acquire meaningful performance data, and how to work within the culture of a high performance industry. The application of this knowledge and understanding to the planning and delivery of meaningful interventions for athletes to enhance performance and reduce the likelihood (and/or duration) of injury and illness, using appropriate techniques of analysis to accurately interpret competition and training information, and using advanced information literacy skills to communicate ideas and outcomes to specialist and non-specialist audiences is essential for a professional working in the high performance sport environment. Professionals in this area also need to be equipped with problem solving and self-management skills that promote independent learning and thinking and for pursuing further learning if they are to maintain relevance in an industry that is, by definition, fiercely competitive and constantly evolving. This course is designed to suit a postgraduate clientele that is already in the workforce, as well as graduating students. The course provides flexible learning pathways that can accommodate:professional employment commitments;national and international-based students;full-time or part-time enrolments;exit points with a qualification (Graduate Certificate in High Performance Sport; Graduate Diploma in High Performance Sport); andspecific career, industry and vocational needs of the individual student.

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