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Hate your job? Postgraduate study is your escape raft.

Nerizza Aborde

Freelance Writer
Do you want to do something different with your career? A postgraduate degree can be the perfect catalyst for a career change.

Sometimes we are stuck in a job that we don’t like. But guess what? By taking a postgraduate course, you could change your career and steer it towards a job that you want.

If you’re unhappy with your current job, you should find the motivation that will get you to a place and position you’d rather be — by taking a postgraduate course, you could find a career that is more suited to your interests and skills.

Assess your situation

Your first step is to analyse the situation and identify what exactly is causing your unhappiness at work.

  • Is it the industry you are working in?
  • Is it the position you are in, or is it your employer?
  • Is the work too boring or too challenging?
  • Is it the environment or the people you work with?

After assessing your situation, the next step is to determine the positive aspects in your life.

Switch your perspective

List down the things you like about your industry of work, your job and your accomplishments. These may help as a stepping stone to another career — think transferrable skills.

Consider relevant skills you have acquired while working — life skills and soft skills. Keep in mind all the experience you have gained while living, working and interacting with others.

You may also consider the things you enjoy doing outside work. People function best when doing things they like. Think of a hobby, activity or interest that could lead the way to a future career.

With just a shift of perspective, it could make a world of difference for you.

Seek help and advice

Once you’ve analysed your situation you can now decide on which step you should take next. If taking a postgraduate course comes into your mind as an option, you may seek advice from your former university or a local career service provider. Receiving this type of assistance and hearing the opinions of these experienced individuals might help generate some ideas to help you in your career path.


If you are working for a huge company and have a good working relationship with them, you could try to ask for financial support or time off to retrain while still being employed part time (for example, to enable you to shift from the sales department to accounting).

However, if you choose to ‘start from scratch’ then you need to consider what courses are available. If you need to earn an income while studying, you may opt for a part time in-person course or perhaps online study. Even if you choose to take a different job while studying, part time work may provide a more convenient solution. On the other hand, returning to full time study – a more radical step – is also an option. Utilise our search facility to evaluate what could work for you.