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Should I study a Master of Human Resources?

Mike Dilnot

Careers Commentator
The Master of Human Resource Management program prepares graduates of any field for a management career across the diverse field of human resources.

Encompassing all aspects of human resource management, the postgraduate master’s program prepares candidates to be effective leaders in a fast-paced professional environment. Academic studies consist of several core units addressing topics such as employee relations, talent management and human resource development. Candidates may then select from a number of elective units, allowing them to further explore specific aspects of HR management such as performance management, research design and analysis or HR management in the global context. The academic portion of the program is supplemented by significant time spent developing the communication, negotiation and personal impact skills that are the cornerstone of any HR professional’s personal toolkit.

The Master of Human Resource Management program is usually accredited by the Australian HR Institute (AHRI), although this varies between universities. Graduates who have completed an accredited program will be eligible for entry onto the AHRI Practicing Certification (APC) program, increasing their employability significantly. Alternatively, students may elect to end their studies after having completed three-quarters of the program, to receive a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

In a world where more and more emphasis is placed on the recruitment, development and retention of a phenomenal talent, all eyes can be on the HR specialist within the organisation! Aside from the more general HR manager role, graduates often find niches as training & development managers, recruitment specialists, union officials or change management consultants. While new graduates with minimal professional experience can expect to earn in the region of $40,000 per annum, those who prove to be superstars within their field can expect to be earning six-digit packages within just a few years.