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What will I learn in a Master of Engineering degree?

Mike Dilnot

Careers Commentator
The two year Master of Engineering program prepares students for a specialised career in a range of engineering disciplines.

The Master of Engineering program is designed for graduates seeking specialised knowledge of a particular engineering discipline, and to gain technical experience within their chosen field. Delivered through a combination of coursework, research and industry experience, the program equips candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to address real-world problem-solving situations. Specialised degree paths are available for practically every engineering discipline including electrical, mechanical, chemical and civil engineering. In line with prevailing trends, less traditional avenues such as software engineering and environmental engineering are snowballing in popularity to meet industry demand. Some universities allow candidates to study multi-disciplinary degrees if a broader scope of study is prefered.

When selecting a Master of Engineering program, it is vital to ensure that the course is accredited by the professional organisation of your chosen field and region. Within Australia, courses are typically accredited by Engineers Australia, who are also responsible for conveying the status of Chartered Engineer. Those intending to work abroad after graduating may choose to select a dually-accredited program, such as those recognised in Europe through the EUR-ACE scheme.

Upon graduation, Master of Engineering students will be suitably qualified to work as a professional engineer within Australia. Some candidates go on to join professional bodies such as Engineers Australia or Professionals Australia, with the aim to further enhance their employment prospects, although this is not technically required. The exact job roles that graduates enter depends mostly on the engineering stream studied, although typical graduate positions attract starting salaries in the region of $75,000. Opportunities to work overseas are extensive, particularly in the oil and gas producing regions of the Middle East, Africa and South America where remuneration can be substantial and tax-free!