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Is further study for me?

Hannah Chapman

Study & Education Writer
Is a postgraduate degree really worth it? Read on to find out the benefits and drawback of further study and whether it is really for you.

Are you ready to enter the workforce, or does the world of academia have more to offer you?

There are many good reasons for prolonging your university experience. You might have begun to realise that your dream career requires a bit more study than you originally thought. Or maybe you’ve spent three years studying what your parents said you should, only to discover that your academic passion is something totally different. Perhaps you simply love to learn, and need more time before you are ready enter the workforce. Here’s some food for thought when it comes to the decision of continuing with further study after your undergraduate degree.

Skills and specialisations take time to develop

Many undergraduate degrees are broad in scope, and simply don’t allow you the time to specialise or focus your knowledge to the level you need for certain careers. While it’s great to get a varied education, some jobs are too complex to enter without skills that take time to perfect. Staying at university to study a postgraduate degree allows you to get one step closer to expert status and easy-to-find employment in your chosen field.

For some careers such as International Law, your postgraduate degree could be a necessary step to legally work in your field. For others, such as Food Science, the specialised skills taught in a postgraduate degree are simply very highly sought after by employers. Many other degrees have no legal or industry requirements, but allow you to gain confidence mastering complicated disciplines before you begin making your mark in the workforce.

Mind the gap

An unexplained time-gap on your CV can be a red-flag for some employers. Avoiding the resume gap between graduating and working is something that prospective employers may prize. Too long between university and working can make it seem seem like you spent a lot of time loafing instead of proactively pursuing a job, irrespective of the current job market.

Improve your chances of landing a grad job

Postgraduate degrees give you an edge over your undergraduate competition in the pool for limited graduate jobs. While graduate positions may be designed for those fresh out of university, many require specialised know-how that simply can’t be achieved from a Bachelor’s degree alone. Employers are always on the look-out for future staff who are really ready for the job.

You’ve found a new passion

You may have spent four years completing your Bachelor degree, and realised you have no interest in a career in the field. Trust us, the inconvenience of this situation is nowhere near as unpleasant as trying to make a living doing a job you don’t like! Head back to the drawing board with a postgraduate degree, but this time with the certainty you are following your passion.

Extending your student visa

If you’re an international student looking for opportunities to stay in Australia, postgraduate study is a great way to keep living down under, while broadening your mind and education at the same time. The coffee here isn’t bad either.

Still Not Convinced?

If you still are feeling the pull of a career path and life outside of university after reading this list, then maybe postgraduate study isn’t for you right now. But keep it on the back burner of your mind. Postgraduate study can be even more rewarding combined with industry and work experience down the track.