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Masters (Coursework)

The Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology develops the knowledge, skills and core competencies required to work as a pr…
Entry Requirements
All students applying for admission to the Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology MUST apply to ESSA for GRADUATE ENTRY ASSESSMENT for Postgraduate Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) study. NB: Exercise Science Accreditation (AES) from ESSA does not meet this requirement. Entry into the Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology is competitive based on GPA and requires both: 1. An undergraduate degree in or related to the field of exercise and sports science or equivalent qualification that meets Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) requirements; and 2. An approved Graduate Entry Assessment for Postgraduate Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) study letter from Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) indicating that all Exercise Science knowledge and skills criteria are met (other than apparently healthy practicum hours). Applicants that do not satisfy all Exercise Science knowledge and skills criteria may not be assessed for admission and will be referred to the Diploma of Exercise Studies to address knowledge and skill deficits. Applicants who have satisfied all of the entry criteria, but have not completed all apparently healthy placement hours prior to the start of the academic year, are considered to have met admission criteria and will be assessed based on competitiveness. Students interested in applying for this course are strongly encouraged to submit their assessment for Graduate Entry (GE) with ESSA prior to 30 September in the year prior to seeking admission. This is important to ensure that the ESSA GE assessment letter or the ESSA notification of submission of GE, is attached to the admission application. Details regarding how to apply for the GE Assessment can be found on the ESSA website (https://www. essa. org. au/). ESSA will perform a preliminary assessment for postgraduate study based on academic transcripts that are yet to include grades from a final session of undergraduate study. Applicants awaiting receipt of a final academic transcript are encouraged to apply for an ESSA GE assessment.
Intake Months
1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time
Study Mode
Financial Support
Graduate Satisfaction