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4 signs it might be time for a master’s degree

Moving into any kind of postgraduate study can be a daunting decision. There are a couple things to look out for that mi…

4 ways to get employed with a Juris Doctor (JD)

Competition for law jobs has never been higher in Australia, so what are the secrets to landing one? We’ve compiled some…

5 simple steps to figuring out your ideal career

When people ask you what you want to do when you haven’t yet entered the workforce, it’s a bit like them expecting you t…

5 steps to writing a SMART career plan

Writing a career plan is a way to convert your hopes and dreams into practical, actionable tasks that will make them a r…

6 fantastic careers in renewable energy

Demand for renewable energy is on the rise all over the world as concern for the global climate and sustainability grows…

6 signs a PhD might be your thing

A PhD can unlock many opportunities, both academic and professional. There are several ways to tell if it’s up your alle…

7 ways to get started as a budding entrepreneur

Our rapidly changing world requires innovative thinkers and people willing to try new things.

A day in the life of a medical student

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like being a medical student, we’ve got some first-hand insights to let you know.