Erin (Shields) Coyle

Director at Dixon Advisory
Erin is working as a Financial Advisor with Dixon Advisory after studying with Kaplan Professional

Why did you choose Kaplan over other providers?

Kaplan has a solid reputation worldwide as a leader in educational courses and their specialty in online education provides the flexibility and accessibility necessary for people like myself who need to juggle work and their studies. I was confident that Kaplan would provide the content I wanted to learn, with the reputation to be recognised in the broader community.

What did you think of Kaplan’s course structure?

I loved that I was able to select subjects that were relevant and interesting to my career and interests. I appreciated the flexibility to pace myself through my studies, but was also grateful for the expectation that a topic should be completed within a respectable time period.

How has the course helped you in the workplace while studying?

Absolutely! The practical nature of the courses has greatly assisted me in devising strategies for my own clients. Kaplan’s courses appeal to a broad range of students, with courses providing the most basic introduction to a topic and compounding this knowledge into more complex theories and strategies; all of which are relevant and useful when providing advice.

Where are you now in your career and has this course helped you get there?

I am a Director at Dixon Advisory, providing strategic advice to Australians to assist them to understand their goals and realise their financial objectives in a tax-effective and risk-appropriate way.