Dominic Hoskins

Accounts Administrator at Scottish Pacific Business Finance
Dominic secured a role in finance at Scottish Pacific while completing his Master of Applied Finance with Kaplan Professional.

What made you decide to progress with further study?

I didn’t feel I was sufficiently equipped with the business knowledge needed to be successful in today’s highly competitive marketplace. I never had access to a mentor who could show me how to build a business or buy shares in successful companies. I wanted to get a grasp of how finance professionals think when advising clients, making investment decisions, or liaising with various stakeholders. I felt that further study could bridge these knowledge gaps.

How did you choose to complete your MFA with Kaplan?

I made an informed decision before choosing Kaplan Professional as my education provider. Kaplan Professional first came on my radar after I conducted several searches on the LinkedIn profiles of financial services experts currently employed by banks, wealth advisory firms and financial services firms. Scrolling down to their education section, Kaplan Professional appeared quite frequently.

Studying Master of Applied Finance at Kaplan Professional enabled me to work full-time while completing the heavy work load either after work or over the weekend (I’m not much of a morning person!). It would’ve been extremely difficult attending lectures during scheduled hours, factoring in travel time to and from campus, and a potential reduction in employment hours.

Can you describe a typical day managing work and study?

Immediately after the 9-5pm day is done, I’d take some time out away from the computer screen, grab a cup of coffee and make my way to the library. I’d commence by printing out the table of contents and mapping out all the main topics and sub-topics. I’d then do a flat read of the notes and required texts, while highlighting key themes. The next session would be trying to grasp the hows and whys of the topic. I’d review some questions and attempt to answer them. Finally, I would listen to the lecturers.

Will this course be beneficial in your career? Where will it take you?

Absolutely. While the qualification may not guarantee me a senior management role immediately, it gave me the knowledge to confidently navigate the everyday challenges of a career in financial services and most importantly, understand people. Furthermore, I feel well equipped to give clients technical knowledge when faced with a problem, which ultimately leads to an exceptional customer experience.

What advice would you give to people thinking about entering the finance profession?

Endure the daily grind. Don’t be too picky about your first or second job, just stick at it for a while. Once you get a foot in the door, learn how to work with people you don’t like. I’ve seen many talented people in sport, academia and the workforce being surpassed by those who were not so talented, simply because they put their head down, worked with difficult people and endured the daily grind.